About us


Jonas Berlin/Lekegoden have worked with historical games since 2008.
i was then working at«Bronseplassen» (historical bronze age hovel in Høvåg/Lillesand), and was responsible for activities for school children that came for a day in a viking age setting. Rockcarrying, archery, axe throwing are nice activities, but i wanted something more. I found some games described in the sagas and in writings by Saxo that i found interesting and that i later tried out. First with friends, then with school classes. This became a great success, and i was asked to do this as teambuilding activities for adults. At that time i was responsible for the entertainment at Bronseplassen Vikingmarket, and with close to non existant budgets i had to do most of the entertainment myself, and as such historical games became a permanent part of the entertainment in Agder Vikinglag. In 2010 i attended a course in historical games with Telge Glima, and learned how they interpret and execute historical games.

As I have been reading through the sagas and Saxo's writings, I have made notes of all the refrences to games, to this date I have about 50 games described in the sagas and in Saxo's writings. Some of these descriptions vauge and therefore I've had to corss reference to descriptions elsewhere in the sagas inorder to get a complete understanding of the game.


Before the viking age we have no documentation of games if you dont include certain intepritations of rock carvings here in scandinavia. Its not untill the saga litterature where we get the first games described. To this date we dont know how all the games was played, probably there are a certain variation to each game depending on the geographical area
In cases where the source material has been too inconclusive ive drawn upon the scandinavian farmers games inorder to get a more detailed understanding of how the game is played.

The Troll

Morten Markseth/The Troll joined up in 2011. He has gotten alot of experience since then and is a person who is clearly heard if some of the game participants has a bit too much competetive instinct
As of 2011 we have been fully booked at various viking and medival markets, museums and other events during the summer.
Our concept is to have the audience (and vikings/exhibitor) participate in historical games from viking age and medival era.

The Trells